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If you are new to the online casino gaming industry and looking for some platform where you can win big, then there is no better option than to start playing at Mega888. As its name suggest, mega, which means big and 888 stands for luck, so you can also try your luck and win big jackpots. It offers you lots of games, which makes it easy for professionals as well as newcomers to select their favorite game and start earning. You can also learn different tricks and hacks from various online forums to win games. They will not disallow this, and if you win using any method, your winning money will be transferred to your account. As there is a variety of games, so beginners can also select some easy games to start with.

Download Mega888

This game is now for download, which you can do from the official page. It is advised to download the app from the official page because it is protected from viruses and hackers attack. This protection is essential; otherwise, your phone data is at risk. So don’t compromise your essential information and data by downloading the game from unofficial sources. This game is available for both Apple and Android phone users. So if you are using an Android phone, then you should download the Mega888 APK file, and in case of Apple phone users, you can go for the iOS file. You may also require to enable install from external source option for installing this app on your phone.

Register Account

When you are done with the installation, then you need to register your account for the Mega888 login. For this, you need to contact our game agents who can help you a great deal in registering your account. You are required to provide some necessary details for registering your account. This is free of charge process, and you don’t have to pay a single penny for this. Moreover, you can deposit as much amount as you want to play with. Your 100% money will be a credit to your game account without any deduction.


For Mega888 login, you need to key in the username and password, which is provided to you by the game dealer. You must change your password immediately after your first login if you wanted to protect your account. Don’t disclose this new password to anyone, not even to our game dealers. This will ensure that your account is well protected, and no one can do any activity without your permission.

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